Improve the visibility of your brand and engagement with your target audience through better optimisation of your online presence.

If you are a start-up business or if you have been established for some time, ensuring your website and digital marketing efforts are fully optimised can often give you an advantage over your competitors. With over 20 years experience, our digital experts can advise and find ways to optimise your online presence in ways you may not have known were possible.

Mobile and Digital First

Optimising websites, apps and campaigns for mobile and advising on the digital-first approach to online services.

Social Media

Optimising social media pages, posts and strategies for businesses aiming to fully embrace social media.

Email Marketing

Optimising email campaigns and email list segmentation to improve the design and overall effectiveness and generate a return on investment.

Search Engine Marketing

Optimising your search engine presence through a long-term SEO campaign including technical, content, links and reputation building.

Analytics & Measurement

Get the most out of Google Analytics and learn more about user behaviour using tools such as Hot Jar, and E-Commerce analytics.

Optimisation Work Examples

We have worked with a huge number of clients across a diverse range of business sectors, optimising websites, search engine marketing and analytics for businesses in the retail and tourism sectors.

Social Media for D.R Alexander & Son

Search Engine Marketing for Norscot

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been offered Page 1, position 1 rankings, is it too good to be true?

Yes, mostly likely.   Although, it very much depends on the strategy being offered.   Improving your position in search engines such as Google or Bing (called SEO) can depend on so many factors, with one of the main ones being whether you offer a local or a national service.   That said, there are many very good SEO companies out there, but equally, there are plenty that will take your money without any measurable results.   We offer a free initial consultation if you need a second opinion on any SEO proposals.

How do I get further up the rankings on Google?

With hard work and time – the process of improving your position on Google or Bing is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  The main thing to bear in mind as that some factors can be addressed very quickly, whereas others can take many months.  Strategy is the key to understanding how big the challenge is, and the starting point is to undertake Key Phrase Research to better understand the task at hand (we can do this, if you are interested).

Why is optimising my website for mobile devices so important?

It can vary by sector, but around 50% of all website traffic is now from a smart phone or tablet, and if your website is not optimised for mobile, you are effectively not offering a good digital experience, which can put potential customers off your brand, or could lose you sales if it’s an e-commerce website.  If your website is not mobile friendly, it can be made “responsive” or a unique mobile app version of your website can be made – either are perfectly acceptable options, and we can help you decide which approach would be best.

What is digital-first?

Digital first is an initiative, spearheaded by the government, to improve the access to services which would traditionally be handled face-to-face by making them digitally accessible.   This initiative is just as applicable to private businesses, and if you can streamline services through your own website to make it easier for end customers, then it’s worth considering.

I have a Facebook page, why does it need to be optimised?

In our experience around 20% of all Facebook pages need some level of optimisation, whether it be making a Facebook specific logo and cover image, updating the business details, linking to your website or booking system, or considering what content to post and how often.

What can Google Analytics tell me about my website and digital presence?

At the most basic level it can tell you how many website visitors and page views your website has achieved, but at a deeper level it can also give you important metrics such as pages per session, bounce rate and time on site.   Also, if you are wondering where your website traffic comes from, it can tell you that, too.  If you need a hand getting to grips with Google Analytics, check out our webinars for upcoming dates, or get in contact to arrange a 1-1 tutorial (charges apply)

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