Thermohaus® Website

A unique and fully responsive website for a new modular building design concept


thermohaus® is a unique modular design concept for contemporary, value engineered and highly energy efficient timber frame kit homes, designed specifically for the self-builder.

Navertech Digital was approached by the co-owner of Thermohaus to design a new website to promote its stunning new modular home design concept.

The first part of the design process involved a review of the clients’ proposed content, with this providing guidance as to the page layouts required, and importantly, the main navigation structure.

We then progressed to our creative design process and it was decided at an early stage to design a more traditional vertical side-bar to contain the branding, main navigation and any secondary content and links.  This approach also made space to allow the striking 3D rendered images to take centre stage on the front page, and plenty space to accommodate visuals and text within the inside pages.

A unique slider was created to highlight the brand straplines of “Keep it simple” and “Make it better”.  Once the user moves through the website the website changes to a more traditional view with space-saving features such as accordions used to break down longer pages into more manageable chunks.

The website was built into the WordPress CMS platform giving the client full control over the content, with repeaters created to make the more prescribed formats easier to maintain.   The website is also fully responsive to ensure it adapts well to the growing number of mobile and tablet users.

Client Said

In an age where things generally are becoming more complicated, with dubious benefit, Thermohaus has adopted a uniquely simple approach to house design. We were therefore delighted when Navertech came up with the design for our new website. It’s a bit retro but, above all else, delightfully simple in terms of both appearance and functionality. A perfect match for our company ethos - ‘keep it simple, make it better’. We were very happy with the service provided by Navertech to date and have no hesitation in recommending them. Navertech continues to provide us with marketing support through the management of our Google and Facebook advertising campaigns.

Peter BodyThermohaus

Graphic Design; Website Design; WordPress; Responsive Design; Social Media; Pay-per-click Advertising; Display Advertising

Explore the website design

Fully responsive side-bar website design, all built within an easy to use WordPress design framework


Not as widely used nowadays but a left hand sidebar is a very practical solution for small but visually rich websites

Sliding Images

Striking visuals fade in and out, with strap lines over layered to re-enforce the brand messaging

Secondary Content

The sidebar creates an opportunity to explain the purpose of the brand, and house secondary links, including social media